Evergreat Machinery Co., Ltd.

EVERGREAT Machinery was founded in Tainan City, Taiwan in 1964. Starting as a plastic foundry, we then turned to a manufacturer specializing in cold-chamber die casting machine. As our business scale gradully expanded, we set up our first branch in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province in 1999 as an entry to the China mainland market.


We help customers to success

On the journey of manufacturing for more than half a century, we have accumulated experiences through generations to develop our trusty die casting machine techniques. Our customers can get the highest quality at the most affordable price from EVERGREAT. It is our biggest achievement to help our customers improve their competitiveness through our products.


We provide comprehensive services

In addition to die casting machines, we have also developed peripheral equipment. We provide one-stop shopping & total solution service for your die casting production. Also, we provide complete after-sales service. After the machine is shipped, we will send professionals to our customers for installation and provide a warranty.


We are innovating constantly

EVERGREAT is aiming at standing by our customers with our firm techniques. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent systematic management enable us to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Additionally, we have our engineers go abroad to learn the new technologies so that we can continue to surpass our customers’ expectations.